See How A Drop Shipping E-commerce Company Grew Email Marketing Revenue From Less Than 1% To 13% Of Total Revenue Using Klaviyo.

Klaviyo’s advanced segmentation tools are a huge asset to e-commerce stores, and nobody knows this better than the dropshipping company, Bay and Chay. They began in 2016 as a small dropshipping store, and they’ve since expanded their product offerings and laid down more permanent roots in the form of multiple e-commerce stores, built with Shopify.

The following is one of our client stories about how they leveraged Email Marketing to help deliver personalised emails at their customers and subscribers' ideal times, and through email list segmentation, which increased their email engagement rates, new contacts from email marketing, and re-engaged dormant contacts that resulted in generating over 12% of their total revenue.

About The Client

A Singapore based drop shipping company running multiple Shopify e-commerce stores.



Bay and Chay was seeking a unique solution to connect with its growing global audience and generate more revenue. The traditional "batch" email marketing had not been very effective in this case because it doesn't take into account data that you have on an individual, on how and when they typically engage with email.


But even segmenting by time zone is just not enough anymore. Marketing has changed drastically. It is no longer about the "one to many" communication but has moved to connect on a "one to one" basis with a growing list of subscribers on a daily basis.


While the client already had an audience database that was not utilised, they were looking for an email marketing solution that allowed them to continue to remain at the top-of-mind of their audience and grow its revenue.




Being a dropshipping company, Bay and Chay was spending heavily on Facebook ads and but gave very little to no importance to Email Marketing. They (the entire 25-person team) were committed to leveraging all of the data they have to build strong relationships with their customers — including the nearly endless abundance of data that comes from their E-commerce Shopify stores.

Before switching to Klaviyo, Bay and Chay was using Mailchimp. At the time, the emails they sent were straightforward sends to their entire list, along with some basic A/B testing.

As the company grew, however, they needed more advanced functionality.

Through testing in Klaviyo, Fullest Media identified audience profiles, their interests, terms to include in subject lines that drive up open rates for specific customer segments. With distinct differences between the segments, we leveraged this knowledge to keep open rates high.


The client needed to leverage data from their e-commerce stores and create fully automated personalised email campaigns to send truly targeted messages.


How we did it?!

1. Dynamic audience segmentation through Klaviyo

Segmentation on Behaviour - Built segments using behavioral and transactional data to target promotions more precisely.

Target based on Events - Targeted flows based on special events and conditions, like a purchase or subscribing to a list.

Relevant Marketing Campaigns - Generated better results by sending relevant marketing campaigns.

2. Created Email Flows for every stage of interaction with the customer

Welcome Email Flow

Browse Abandonment Email Flow

Abandoned Cart Email Flow

Post Purchase Email Flow

Review and Testimonial Email Flow

Customer Winback Email Flow

3. Driving engagement and staying connected

Creating a customer feedback loop

Tracking and monitoring data and reports

Optimising email campaigns



Open Rate increased from 7% to 32%


Average Click-Through Rate increased to 5.10%


Grew revenue from 1% to 13% of total revenue