How This Sustainable Footwear Brand Sold Out 78% Of Their Inventory In 2 Months!

How Tsouls sold out 78% of their inventory with a 3.8x ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) in 2 months, generated over 500 sign-ups, and grew sales through Facebook Ads.

This case explores how Fullest Media helped Tsouls, a sustainable footwear brand located in New York, United States generates over $17,000 revenue in 47 days (Increase by 1,466%).

About Tsouls
Tsouls is a sustainable brand that creates cork based footwear.
Based out of New York, USA, Tsouls has been featured in Forbes for their sustainable approach.

Tsouls was looking for growth in website conversions, they had spent over $4000 on Facebook Ads/other marketing efforts but achieved no sales.

This sustainable brand that was covered by Forbes was seeing only a small amount of traffic on their website. The challenge not only included increasing traffic to the website but also to build brand awareness while acquiring new customers. The focus was to find the right audience.

Prior to adopting Fullest Media, Tsouls were promoting this content via a number of channels: blog CTAs, social and paid.

While this achieved some initial success in engagement on their social media platforms, it did not lead to any conversions. The lack of a proper sales funnel, and a conversion optimised website made tracking of leads quite difficult.


Created a comprehensive strategy that would guide the target audience from click to close.

At Fullest Media, we conducted persona research and laid out customer types, targeting their interests and behaviours. We created and tested various target audience segments for Facebook Ad Campaigns.

We fine-tuned the company’s message with an updated look and feel to enhance the brand image.

Only after these initial strategy steps did we move on to a detailed eCommerce conversion strategy which would:

1. Improve the audience targeting

2. Improve website conversions

3. Track the growth of traffic and leads as our marketing efforts gained traction

How we achieved this:

1. Making sure the goals are in total alignment by improving website messaging and enhancing website visuals.

2. Optimising all website pages for conversion.

3. Started tracking marketing efforts with actual metrics to really determine the key details of the funnel.

4. We developed and implemented a strategy of targeting and retargeting to drive conversions.

5. Once we knew that the funnel is proven and successful, we scaled what was working and optimise what was not.


Sold Out 78% of Tsouls inventory within just 2 months timeframe

Generated over $17,000 revenue in 47 days (Increase by 1,466%)

$0.45 Per Lead

13,239 Online Sessions with less than $4000 Ad Budget

Generated over 500 sign-ups to newsletters

The success of this partnership has played a key role in Tsouls’ continued growth, which witnessed their expansion across the Globe with retail buyer interests from countries like Japan.



Inventory sold out in 2 months


Revenue in 2 weeks


Per lead